Thursday, April 30, 2009


I decided to venture out by myself this morning via my own two feet.  A jeep rolls by me with the top down of course and the two ladies inside throw me a shaka and aloha!  I get a little further down the road and the same jeep comes back in the other direction.  This time they stopped and asked "do you need a ride"?  I respond with "i dont really know where im going" and they say "neither do we get in"!  So i was off with my two new best friends Yadi, who is from Puerto Rico and Elife, who is from Turkey.  It turns out it is also the girl's first time to the island as well so we proceed to drive up to the North Shore which was absolutely mind blowing!  We got to know eachother and stopped at all the cool spots to run down to the beach and feel the sand, or jump in the ocean, or explore, a cave or stop for a fresh roadside coconut, or 100% Kona coffee.  The lovely ladies then dropped me off a Kealia to meet up with Nate for yet another surfing session.  Im getting much better and actually got some sweet rides.  Later on the boys and I had a gig to play at this kind of touristy resort but nonetheless it was a blast. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day two

So i wake up this morning in my tent at around five in the morning or so to the majestic sounds of..... roosters?  Why did'nt anyone tell me this island had a rooster infestation?  Come to find out they have no natural predators here except for the occasional dog attack.  Moving on, my buddy Nate scooped me up around 9 a.m. or so and we went down to "donkeys" to surf.  A little bit further up the east coast of the Island from Kealia.  These waves were bigger than yesterday and the beach was absolutely gorgeous! Had to hike down this path to get there and im talking sheer 100 ft cliffs jutting up from the ocean.  Totally worth it my back and shoulders hurt like hell from paddling so much and yes i got WORKED again.  Im going out tonight to see Nate play drums in this jazz band in town, should be a blast. Aloha and Mohalo! 


After I barely made my connecting flight in Arizona due to the plane in Denver getting De-iced for and hour and a half ( seriously running through the airport dawning a heavy pack and my guitar) i made it to beautiful Kauai.  Nowhere else in the world have i gone that have been this breathtaking.  Within 45 minutes of landing i was in the water pale skin and all trying to surf the "mellow" waves at Kealia.  My first wave in Hawaii was lining up and of course my buddy Damien is yelling to me not to take it but as i told him later "i couldnt resist it bruddah".  So, besides dropping in on my buddy and getting the washing machine treatment from the Pacific it was a great session.   

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Last night in Colorado.... for awhile

As I sit here on the eve of my huge trip to the beautiful island of Kauai it is currently snowing in colorado.  I couldnt be more ready to get out of here and fully embrace the Island Style for a while.  No expectations, no reservations,  and most importantly no worries.  Aloha!