Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My last day in Kauai consisted of a 2 mile walk back to the Kountry Kitchen for another loco moco.   I had to get another one of those things.  Then, i trooped back down to "donkeys" beach to snap some photos.  Later i met up with the brothers cwick down at kealia for the last surf session of the trip.  After a bunch of fun rights and lefts it was on  to Susan's place to see Kai and say goodbye to everyone.  We finished off the night down at Dukes for some beers and some fish and chips.  Going to the airport after that was incredibly sad.  This is the hardest place to leave in the world.  i love the energy i feel here, it truly makes you feel alive in every way that one can feel alive.  I will be back but for now mohalo kauai! Aloha.

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