Monday, May 4, 2009

polihale continued

Nathan shows up to polihale with his girlfriend, another buddy of thiers and two other girls.  We all proceed to have a bar b q  on the beach with beers and laughs and watch the sun go down.  Damien had to go back east side because of work in the morning but the rest of us stayed to camp.  Later on, Nate found out that a buh of his buddys were camping about a mile down the beach.  So we pack up camp,, put the fire out and headed to the spot.  Six or seven pickup trucks on the beach, huge bonfire, plenty of booze/food and it was on! Theres nothing like camping out on a warm beach. Why? Because you dont have to pack any layers at all.  The only thing you need is a sleeping bag and your bare essentials.  The most stars i have ever seen in the sky as well. Absolutely incredible!

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