Sunday, May 10, 2009

Napali coast

The boys and I headed back to polihale this weekend to camp again.  This time around the surf was small and the water was glassy. We packed up two kayaks and two longboards for the four of us to paddle as far up the Napali coast as we could.  We stopped at a few truly private beaches along the way and enjoyed some beverages out there as well.  We got about 2-3 miles up the coast and had to turn back.  it was a killer workout on the board for sure and we were running out of daylight.  The next day we woke up and hit the surf a little bit.  The waves were small but the water was clear, warm and beautiful.  On the way back to the east side we drove up a 15 mile 4,000 foot climb to the top of waimea canyon.  Seventy five percent of the time you can not see the canyon due to clouds and guess what...... it was covered in clouds.  The way i look at it is another excuse to come back to this incredible island